Remembrance – The World War I Dead of Co. Kildare- 400 Page Case Bound Book
Complied and Edited by Karel Kiely, James Durney and Mario Corrigan, this comprehensive book gives a detailed listing of over 750 Kildare’s soldiers and nurses who died in the the First World War.  Following years of research the authors have meticulously recored and documented the lives of those who fought in theses horrific wars. Detailing their place of birth, family, siblings, rank, location of death and burial, the writers gives us great insight into the lives of these men and women who the paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. From private soldiers from impoverished backgrounds to decorated commissioned officers from the ‘big houses’, every town and village in the County witnessed casualties from the Great War. This book provides a valuable research source for historians and families who lost loved ones in these tragic times.

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